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Two therapies in a single procedure. The abdomen is the #1 area patients wish they could sculpt and build muscle.

The end result is less fat and more muscle, in less time and money.

EMSCULPT NEO is the first non-invasive device that helps eliminate fat cells and build muscle in a single 30-minute treatment session.

Best of all, EMSCULPT NEO has a broad appeal as it can treat patients up to BMI 35.

EmSculpt Neo is an FDA-approved treatment. There’s no age limit on who can get EmSculpt Neo treatments, but those with pacemakers are not viable candidates due to radiofrequency which can interefere with their devices. Pregnant women are not recommended to get EMSculpt Neo treatments, but post-partum women can enjoy the fat-melting effects to shed the baby weight and firm up their muscle tone. Likewise, EMSculpt Neo can be used to tone the pelvic floor, helping post-partum women and older women to strengthen their pelvic floors, promoting the health of the female reproductive system.

 Who can Benefit from EMSculpt Neo treatments

  • Anyone wanting to lose that last bit of stubborn fat that diet and exercise just don’t seem to make go away.

  • Those considering liposuction or a butt lift but don’t want to go through surgery.

  • Those looking to improve their health by melting dangerous fat around the organs that can lead to heart disease.

  • Those with back issues who will benefit from a stronger core.

  • Brides who want to look their best in their wedding dress.

  • Anyone preparing for an event where they want to look amazing.

  • Women wanting to shed their menopause middle.

  • Anyone who wants to have their best summer body.

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What are the sessions like?

A trained technician will strap a device to the area you’re getting treated and turn up the frequency throughout the session to the optimal point for muscle building for your body. You might shake a bit as the HIFEM does its magic, but it’s a fairly mild vibration you’ll feel. The radiofrequency that targets and melts fat cells produces a warming effect. When the device is removed, some patients can be a little sweaty in the area where the radiofrequency was aimed. After your session you can have a normal day, either going back to work if you’re on your lunch break or going to an event or just chilling at home. One of the big benefits of EMSculpt Neo is no downtime.

When will I see results?

EMSculpt Neo is non-invasive and rather than removing fat immediately during surgery, instead it eliminates fat through the body’s natural processes. This means that it will take some time for the results to show, usually a few weeks after treatment. In the meantime, you may experience some bloating while your body breaks down the fat. Be sure to drink plenty of water to help the lymphatic system do its job of eliminating the fat from your body. With clients experiencing an average of 25% muscle gain and 30% fat loss, having a little patience will be worth it in the end. Because the process is gradual rather than dramatic, we encourage you take before and after photos so you can observe the difference. 

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